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Help with bypassing captive portal

Hi I'm new here, I was wondering is there a way to have a user only have to sign on through the captive portal once? Will the system remember their MAC address and always allow them access?
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Re: Help with bypassing captive portal



When the system authenticates a user, that user is place in the user table. When the system senses that the user has not passed traffic or cannot be pinged for 5 minutes, it will remove that user from the user table, and the user will have to re-login. You can manipulate this timer to provide more time, but then it will show users on your system that no longer exist.

The timer is here:

config t
( (config) #aaa timers idle-timeout ?
<1-15300> User idle timeout value. Valid range is 30-15300
seconds or 1-255 minutes. Default is 300 seconds
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Re: Help with bypassing captive portal

Hi Kelly,

this can be achieved using a captive portal and user-derivation role.
Once a user logs in via captive portal, you can add his mac to a user-derivation role. Next time when the user tries to connect to this ssid, it will automatically be put into the authenticated role.

However the addition of mac to the user-derivation would have to be done manuallly for each user.

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Re: Help with bypassing captive portal

Thanks for the quick replies, I'm still a little unsure where in the user derivation roles I can capture the mac information to put this user in the authenticated role.
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