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Something I have come across more than once is how to justify certain purchases and changes in environments that are experiencing problems or not even problems but can definately bennefit from certain investments.

I find this quite a challenge with products like Clearpass and Airwave. I would like to see more information on how to justify these types of purchases eventhough the imediate advantages are not imediately vissible to Business desiscion makers.

How do i go about to make it clear what is possible and the unseen possibilities to Budget holders.

For example I hear alot of times how do we control this or do that and being ClearPass certified I can't help but think everytime "hey Clearpass could do this" and as soon as I mention the costs involved with Clearpass (servers, licensing and software costs) everything always goes for a ball of... (whats the nice word ....)....

I try and let them understand that it won't just help with the suggested/requested problem but in other aspects aswell, but that never really succeeds or my explanation and approaches are to technical.

Me not being a sales person and being a Technical mind I understand the advantages, but how do you sell the concept and the advatages to a none technical crowd is quite difficult for me personally.

I have also considered doing the POC approach, but that does pose its own problems - implimenting a solution, proving it works and then still getting the Budget afterwards - budget then doesn't get approved and not being able to run an extended POC then roll back everything that was done causing network disruptions to implement the POC and then also Roll back (it doesn't always sit well with business).......


Yes there is the Sales training and so forth (which I have done and gone through), but it doesn't enable me to get the propper message across of spend the money and we will be able to party like Rockstars.