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A quick question about ALE Works

Okay i understand that you need airwave so the ALE can work properly as it need to fetch the floor plans from somehwere...


Now does the ALE is the one that talks for example with MEredien server to send the Location information and all that?

Or its the one that would talk with a ragapa solution so it knows the location information that they need to send an advertisement?



Can someone talk me a little more about it ?:)



Re: A quick question about ALE Works

In a very brief summary:


ALE provides WLAN location information, so based on the WiFi radios. There is no need for Airwave as ALE has 3 modes: Proximity (nothing needed), Estimation (Only here Airwave needed for AP locations) and Calibration (you enter the map in ALE, walk around with an app and mark location while you go).


Meridian offers location services based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which is a different technology that provides better accuracy and lower latency, so it is better suited for indoor navigation.


With ALE, the client is positioned based on what the APs hear from the client. With Meridian, the client positions itself based on the signals of the BLE beacons it hears. Think of them as different technologies that can be deployed independently. 

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