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Re: BL location beacon in 325 APs

I would like to have a beacon to track my arrival/departure from certain locations.

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Re: BL location beacon in 325 APs



The becon capability exists to send data to Meridian.  It cannot be used otherwise...

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Re: BL location beacon in 325 APs

sleeper, you may want to look into the Aruba battery powered beacons.  They would allow your third party app to receive a basic, unmanaged beacon's signal.

Personally I thought the AP325's beacon would send out beacons even when not connected to Meridian, but I could be wrong - mine is connected to Meridian on the demo trial.

The Meridian management apps are all iOS apps from their play store, but you have to sign in to an active Meridian account to use the app.

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Re: BL location beacon in 325 APs

Detailed information about Aruba Beacons are also posted here:

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