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Folder filtering within AppRF (Airwave)

by amartinezgib ‎09-02-2016 02:06 AM - edited ‎09-02-2016 02:07 AM

Considering most of large AP deployments are administratively organized in Airwave through Folders as in our customer, may be interesting to take back the Folder filtering feature within AppRF section. Now with version 8.2.2 there is no chance to know about it on a specific Folder.





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We are in the process to integrate the AP to work with a cellphone carrier with EAP-AKA.  The carrier would return CUI in the access-accept and the carrier expects the CUI be included in the following accounting messages.   But the IAP does not support the CUI at all.


I would like IAP  to add the CUI support and make it configurable on or off.  When the feature is turned on at the IAP, the AP should include CUI in the access-requests with NULL value.  When the AAA returns a CUI in the access-accept, the IAP should include this CUI in the accounting messages.


Please refer the RFC4372 for more details.

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it will be good to get the possibility to custimize management users access, that will be more flexible and help the super administrator to better manage his mobility controller , by giving each network engineer , the true priviledge.

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Boost Airwave IDS Event handling

by Gabor ‎03-23-2016 08:24 AM

It will be nice if Airwave not simply "read" the IDS events from the IAP cluster or controller device but we can create rules such as at the classification. It is very unpleasant to handle multiple false positive IDS events if I have two IAP cluster managed by the same Airwave and set the APs as valid or known interfering classification but it is using the same SSID and I get hundreds of false positive IDS event with Valid SSID Violation.


 Feature request generated:


Thanks a lot!

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Acronym asphyxiation

by the.sleeper ‎09-03-2015 08:52 AM

I'm just getting started with the Aruba / enterprise WIFI world...trying to get myself up to speed by browsing through Airheads...


My main slowdown is the amount of acronyms... I know, waaaagh.


It would be nice to have something built into the site where I could hover over a term / abbreviation and get a popup glossary definition, or if not that a page I could keep open so I could >>>quickly<<< get the idea and follow along what's being said.



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BLE management via AirWave

by hypnot0ad ‎08-30-2015 02:38 AM

Eventually it would be cool to have full control over all the "trusted" or "recognised" BLE beacons deployed on premise, but to start with, being able to determine the difference between a Bluetooth device and a BLE beacon would be a nice feature have.

Particularly in conjunction with VisualRF to map their location (this would save an epic amount of time for documentation). and alerts for when they move more that the location accuracy margin for error (again, awesome for asset control). This would cohesively satrt to bring together the Aruba and Meridan capabilities nicely.