Airwave Device Connection Notification - Mar 2014

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Community Manager

The tutorial was written by: rosie

This video Tutorial was made by: Jamie E



This is a straight forward tutorial for creating a notification from Airwave for when a particular MAC Address connects to the network. This can be used to track lost/stolen assets, AUP violators, or for VIP alerts to make sure you keep busy when they arrive at your building.


1. Log into Airwave and head to the System tab and select Triggers




2. Click Add




3. Select “Connected Clients” as the trigger type




4. Enter the MAC addresses of the devices you want to receive notifications for




5. Add a helpful Note such as this one




6. Select email as the “Additional Notification Options”


7. Enter a “Sender Address”


8. Enter “Recipient Email Addresses”




9. Click Add




In conclusion this tutorial is used to notify a recipient via email when one or a group of particular MAC Addresses connect to the network.


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