Auto-Size (for smart devices/mobiles) Captive portal - 1 click login - Mar 2014

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Community Manager

The tutorial was by: kdisc98

I edited/converted some script for my own usage - and i decided to share it with you. **ATTACHED AS ZIP FILE**

 (based on HTML/CSS/Java)

The script is enable u to build a auto-size captive portal page with 1 click login.

(Good for guest enviroments)


Tested on: Windows mobile/BB/Apple devices/Android devices/Windows Laptops/Linux Laptops






Before uploading it to your controller - edit the index.html as u want( change the ip to your controller ip)

edit the user agreement for your needs (change XXX  & Carlton Telaviv to your desire site/confrence name)


Be sure to enable guest login under your l3 aaa profile - captive portal profile




That's it - upload all the content + the index.html - and use it whenever u need it - your clients will be happy with minimalstic fast login page that auto-size/fit itself to any device.


Enjoy Smiley Happy

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Thanks for the info! Definitely going to give this a try.
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