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AMP setup General page and DB seas config mapping :-

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WebUI: AMP Setup --> General and database Seas_config table mapping

Inactive User Data (0-1500 days, zero disables): = client_first_last_expiration

User Association History (0-550 days, zero disables): = client_historical_expiration

Tag History (0-550 days, zero disables): = wifi_tag_expiration

Rogue AP Discovery Events (2-550 days, zero disables): = discovery_event_expiration

Reports (0-550 days, zero disables): = report_expiration_days

Automatically acknowledge alerts (0-550 days, zero = alert_auto_acknowledge_days

Acknowledged Alerts (0-550 days, zero disables): = alert_expiration_days

Traps from managed devices (0-550 days, zero disables): = trap_expiration_days

Archived Device Configurations (0-100, zero disables): = number_of_device_configs_to_save

Guest Users (0-550 days, zero disables): = guest_user_expiration

Closed Helpdesk Incidents (0-550 days, zero disables): = incident_expiration_days

Inactive SSIDs (0-550 days, zero disables): = ssid_retention_interval

Inactive Interfaces (0-550 days, zero disables): = interface_retention_interval

Interface Status History (0-550 days, zero disables): = interface_status_retention_interval

Monitoring Processes (1-4): = async_logger_workers

Maximum number of configuration processes (1-20): = config_workers

Maximum number of audit processes (1-20): = verify_workers

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