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Error loading page: lan_hostname does not exist

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An error occurs when trying to load a page that contains client data (ex: APs/Devices > Monitor ; Users > Connected). The error looks something like this:

[Mon Mar 29 18:48:59 2010] [error] [client] get_objects() - DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR: column t1.lan_hostname does not exist

Prior to upgrade
- On the Client table in the UI the user has selected the "LAN Hostname" column to sort on
- This is entered into the list_pref table in the db
The AMP is upgraded to 7.0 
- bug in building page is introduced
- customer tries to load page
- page crashes


Verify that this is the correct issue:

# dbc "select * from list_pref where sort_field = 'lan_hostname';"

Does the query return entries where sort_field = 'lan_hostname'? 

If so, delete those entries:

# dbc "delete from list_pref where sort_field = 'lan_hostname';"

Reload page to check that all is well. 

Customer should upgrade to 7.0.2 when available.

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