Freeing up space when the hard drive is full

Aruba Employee

Here are some good ways to free up some space on your server's hard drive when you need to:

Delete AMP upgrade packages:
# rm -rf /root/AMP-*.tar.gz
# rm -rf /root/AMP-*amp_upgrade

Delete the code from your previous AMP version:
# rm -rf /root/svn_old

Delete archived logs:
# rm -rf /var/log/*.1
# rm -rf /var/log/*.2
# rm -rf /var/log/*.3
# rm -rf /var/log/*.4

Delete old AMP backups:
[NOTE: if you choose to do this it is best to save the backup files off to another machine before deleting them.]
# rm -rf /var/airwave-backup/*003*
# rm -rf /var/airwave-backup/*004*

To find more large files on your server that might be candidates for deleting refer to the Knowledge Base article:
How do I find the largest files on my AMP server?

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