How to get Visualrf backup from CLI

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Airwave version should be 8.0 or above

Visualrf should be enabled on Airwave



We can create only the visualrf backup from Airwave CLI by executing "" command followed by filename in the format "". The backup would get created under "/var/airwave-backup/visualrf".



We can execute the below command to create the Visualrf backup from CLI



Below would be the output we would see on screen when we execute the above command,

Tue Feb  2 02:25:09 2016:: Start VisualRF
Tue Feb  2 02:25:30 2016:: backup filename, in dir /var/airwave-backup/visualrf.



We can go to the path "/var/airwave-backup/visualrf" to check whether the backup is created.



We can use the below command to list out the files in this directory


# ls -lh
total 1.4M
-rw-r--r-- 1 visualrf visualrf 1.4M Feb  2 02:40


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