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Re: AirWave 8.2.4 NO CLI

A new cli "command" I learnt about today was


It is a usefull command as one of our AMP servers detects a huge number of rogue so maybe it would be worth adding that set of commands/scripts we can run via the ampcli.

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Re: AirWave 8.2.4 NO CLI



Airwave is still unable to handle a large influx of logs well. Certain network issues can and do choke up the database and lead to basically all airwaves functions slowing down or griding to a halt.


If these are triggering alerts you end up with millions.


With DB access I could simply run a query and delete them.


Now I have to auto ack alerts to 1 day, then clear acked alerts after 1 day. Then in 48 hours I get airwave back, assuming the problem has stopped occuring.


The fact a key appliance for troubleshooting network issues is so easily DOS'd is one issue. But the fact we have been handicapped from fixing the issue is a bigger one.



Re: AirWave 8.2.4 NO CLI

I'd suggest to log into and file the suggestion.


You might reference NMS-I-810 , which is a request to make this security

feature optional.


Shawn Adams
Aruba Networks Customer Advocacy
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