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AirWave migration

Hi guys,


I am going to install AirWave on a PC for customer, but after a month customer wants to migrate this AirWave to a virtual machine. How shall I proceed? Just turn off the PC and install the AirWave on the virtual machine? Do I have to take into account anything? Will the license I use for AirWave on the PC be valid for the new installation on the virtual machine?




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Re: AirWave migration

Hey, take a look at the below. It should answer your questions, don't forget to take note of the licensing as well. You may well run into issues with this if the IP address has changed that the license is tied too.

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Re: AirWave migration



Make a copy of the license to your system. If we are concerned about the backup on the old machine, download the latest nightly backup to your system from System --> Backup page on Airwave. Do a fresh install on VM. Make sure you install the same version of Airwave which you had on PC, if you have the plan to restore. To restore copy the nightly backup file which you downloaded from old Airwave to /tmp directory on the new Airwave box using winscp and execute the below command,


# amp_restore -d /tmp/<filename>


Also, Airwave license would be mapped to your IP address. If you are using the same IP on the new server you can use the same license key. In case you have plan to use a different IP address, please contact our welcome center and provide them with the old key and new IP, they will generate a new license for you mapping to the new IP address.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any queries.

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