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Airwave support Instant



I was forced to upgrade an IAP325 cluster to due to kernel issues. Now Airwave 8.2.1 is complaining it won't support this version:

Config Status:

Error--- config version[] not found in command model list

Will Airwave support Instant The release notes only mention AIrwave is in Instant GUI config mode.




Erik Eckhardt


Re: Airave support Instant

Didn't have an active 8.2.1 AMP to reproduce.  But did try on an AMP and was not able to see the mismatched version.  Also, it's worth it to double check your Group -> select group -> Instant Config tab -> check the 'Version' at the top right corner.  Validate the version string against your Group -> select group -> Instant Config tab -> AirWave -> AirWave settings -> Policy version.


figure a


figure b


Rob Gin
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Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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Re: Airave support Instant

My IAP 325 FW:
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Re: Airwave support Instant

answer from Aruba TAC:


Airwave will support Instant 4.2.4.x

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