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Airwave Client Reports

Hello All,


I'm trying to build a report that will give me the MAC addresses of every client connected in a certain time frame.  24h, weekly, monthly etc.


I am stuck at a point where I can see top 10 clients by controller, and while that's good, I need to be able to track all clients at specified times.

All help is appreciated!



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Re: Airwave Client Reports

Hi ,


Default items inlcuded in report defnition is 10, if want to inlcude more count ,increase the value in report>definiton


Number of items to include in Client Session ranked list (Greater than or equal to 1):10




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Re: Airwave Client Reports


If you want all, then you need to click the (annoyingly hidden) advanced options "show". It used to be shown without the need to click this. Once you do that, you will get the choice for "include details about every session", not some top 10 or whatever.



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Re: Airwave Client Reports

Thanks all, those are both the answers I was looking for.  I know it was a bit vague what I needed, so thanks for the help.

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