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Airwave E mail alert


im setting up an airwave in a secure network in which everything pass through an firewall.

I have set up airwave before but in places that they didnt have internal firewalls.   In those the email alert work just fine.

But here the email alert is not working which i supppose that it does not have access to their mail server to send the email?

What ports do i need to make the email alert to work? its a microsoft  exchange  just port 25? to that exchange server???

I will like to use the embebed mail server of the airwave.




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Re: Airwave E mail alert

1. From Amp Setup -> Additional AMP Services -> Use Embedded Mail Server -> yes.  It enables the embedded mail server that is included with AMP.


2. Also to configure a relay host, SSH into the AMP using SecureCRT or Putty and follow the steps below:

1. Add the following line to /etc/postfix/
relayhost = []
where [] is the IP address or hostname of your smarthost If you do not surround the hostname with brackets, Postfix will forward mail to the mail server defined in the host's MX record, if any MX record exists for that host.

2. Run:

# service postfix stop
# service postfix start

3. Send a test message to an email address
Mail -v
Subject: test mail
<Ctrl-D> to end message.
CC: <press enter>

4. Check the mail log to ensure mail was sent
# tail /var/log/maillog




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