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Airwave Quotation

Is it mandatory to purchase hardware appliance for airwave or just    LIC-AW along with controller and other licences are sufficient in order to make Airwave work...

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Re: Airwave Quotation

You can purchase your own hardware for Airwave and license it for the number of devices (access points + controllers) that need to be monitored.  When you purchase license, you can download an ISO or VMWARE image to install onto your own server.  An Airwave server sizing calculator is here:

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: Airwave Quotation

do you mean i can install the LIC-AW on my own server on VMWARE... and it is not mandatory to purchase Aruba's Airwave hardware appliance...

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Re: Airwave Quotation

Hi Asgar,

Yes, you are right. You can deploy it on your VM using the OVF or ISO image of Airwave. Make sure we provide the right resourse for the server so that we don't run into any performance issues.



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