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       I would like to know how to downgrade a firmware version in Airwave?  I have 8.0.6 and would like to downgrade to 8.0.5 The reason for this is because I would like to import a backup that was created from version 8.0.5.





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Re: Airwave firmware%0D%0A



      Does Aruba still suggest not to import a backup from a previous version?   Import backup from 8.0.5 and import to 8.06? 


Re: Airwave firmware%0D%0A

There is a chance that restoring a newer backup on an older version may not work.  It depends on if there were any database schema changes between versions.  If you have bandwidth to attempt it, but keep in mind that there's a chance that you may want to start back from a previous backup that was on 8.0.5 (take all backups from /var/airwave-backup before attempting anything).

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