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Airwave redundancy? How?

So the requirement is simply to setup up Airwave to monitor ~1000 devices or so but Airwave needs to be redundant.


What licenses are needed?

How is this set up?


Clustering. Newest method. Is this the recommended setup?

It apparently requires minimum 4 servers. Seems a bit hefty for just 1k devices.



If not clustered, what component do we need for redundancy?

Do we simply set up 2 separate Airwave servers and license one with 1000 standard device licenses and the other with 1000 failover licenses?

Is the master console a requirement?


I can't seem to find alot of general info on this, so hopefully someone can enlighten me.

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Re: Airwave redundancy? How?

I guess it would depend on how much redundancy is needed. We are running Airwave as a VM, and the builtin redundancy in VMware (vMotion if the host fails) is good enough for us. We have two data centers with equal hardware (hosts, storage) in each. For Airwave clustering I don't know.

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