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Airwave shows inconsistent values in scheduled reports

Airwave 7.7.9 I'm trying to get a rolling 'previous month' report from Airwave. After experimenting a bit I found the Custom Reports and selected Client Inventory/Clients - it really does show me the data fields that I need. When I schedule this report to run daily I expect that this will duplicate some of the data in yesterdays report. Except it doesn't contain duplicate data - some entries get discarded each time this report runs - so that todays report contains less (historical) data than yesterdays! For example, if I have a report covering the period from 1 August to 30 August it will contain data about 15 August. If I then run the same report over the period 2 August 1 September it will still contain records describing 15 August. The two sets of records about 15 August are different, with the more recently generated set being smaller. I can see no other methods of extracting historical data other than specifying a report to active devices that are "Active during the report timeframe". Am I being over-enthusiastic here?
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Re: Airwave shows inconsistent values in scheduled reports



I would open a TAC case and have them examine your data retention settings to ensure nothing is getting discarded that you expect to be included.


Colin Joseph
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Re: Airwave shows inconsistent values in scheduled reports

I'd be interested in the exact scheduling options used for this report.  Are you using specific time range: 'yesterday 8 am' to 'today 8 am' or are you setting just the date - yesterday to today.  In the 1st case, it will cover data that starts at exactly 8 am.  In the latter case, it's relative to when the report gets run which varies based on other reports and processes that take priority.

Rob Gin
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Re: Airwave shows inconsistent values in scheduled reports

The scheduling options are "a month ago" to "now". This generates a report that can be over thirty days long. At the moment, we're focussing on specific days within that thirty day period.
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Re: Airwave shows inconsistent values in scheduled reports

All, I logged this case to Aruba TAC. It seems that this is a bad report to pull. The TAC recommend the pre-made report "Client Session". I guess we just do the post-processing...
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