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Aruba Central - VC Override

Is it possible to Override a VC configuration within a Group? For instance, I have 4 VC's (Bld1, Bld2, Bld3, Bld4) under a group named Corporate that all share common configurations. On Bld1, I want to activate one new additional SSID only in this building. Is this possible without creating a new Group just for this VC?


Similair to using AirWave and IGC and going into the VC-List to make one-off modifications. 



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Re: Aruba Central - VC Override



when you go into the group configuration, select the VC that you want to make changes on. (by clikcing on it).  you will the be able configuration changes to that VC and not the entire group.

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Re: Aruba Central - VC Override

I see. Currently I only have 1 VC so all I see is the Group. Once I add my second VC then I suspect I will see them both under the group then can make the VC specific mods. Thanks for the reply!
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Re: Aruba Central - VC Override

Ok, I have two seperate Clusters added to Aruba Central. I cannot figure out how to place a VC "Under" a Group as I see in many screenshots. I can create Groups. I can Add VC's to a group. 


how do I get the two VC's on the right (image attached) to have the Group Template but also allow for individual editing? 


I suspect it should look like the second attachment once I figure out how to create sub-groups. 

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