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Centralized Licensing enabled

We have recently enabled centralised licensing as we installed a new controller. and I need some clarification on how this works with our existing controllers.


We have a master/local controller environment.  


When we installed the existing controllers, we installed AP licenses on each of the controllers. This would allow a specific number (e.g. 128) APs per controller. We installed a new controller and with the new licensing model, enabled centralised licensing on the master controller. We installed a 128 license on the master controller.


Are these new licenses available to all controllers or just the new controller? Or will all controllers make use of the centralised licensing?





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Re: Centralized Licensing enabled

The controllers will share applied PEF licenses when centralized licensing is enabled.

Colin Joseph
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Re: Centralized Licensing enabled

This licenses will be shared with all controllers if those are not embedded licenses , read this article to verify

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Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: Centralized Licensing enabled

That's great. It helps a lot. Thanks. 

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