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Duration field format in Airwave reports

Hello Everyone,


We're managing around 1000 IAP through Airwave management platform and we'd like to export data for reporting purpose. We're facing a small technical glitch with duration format. Information is sometimes displayed in days, day, min, mins depending on value. We'd like to transform this in minutes to get a standardized format but I'm afraid this can not be changed since it might be hardcoded in Airwave platform.


Does anyone know how to proceed to fix this issue ?

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Re: Duration field format in Airwave reports

Hi Anthony ,


Currently it is not possible in Airwave, the data value shows in minutes, days depend on total usage/interval value and report run time.


I would recommand to file feature request at support site. Login and click on Access Feature request portal link.




  Contact Support 



If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)

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