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Getting Started with Python/REST/Pycharm and the CLI



I have a little experience but struggling with a few hurdles and wondering how everybody else as built their Python environment.


We have a range of Comware, ProCurve, ArubaOS plus other vendors and I want to get started with some scripts. I have a good idea of some programming tasks, I am struggling with my set-up.


I am running Windows, Installed PyCharm and I can code for RESTfulAPI, I need some backward compatibility with the CLI, so trying to run Ansible or Netmiko from pycharm but neither work. 


I know this isn't an Aruba problem but I wanted to know what other engineers in the industry do to build a python environment. 


At the moment I am going between Linux and Windows depending on what I am contacting.





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Re: Getting Started with Python/REST/Pycharm and the CLI

hey, you should check out the following YouTube channel.


some videos on scripting with Aruba + Python + REST API on there.

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Re: Getting Started with Python/REST/Pycharm and the CLI



Thanks, I have spent some time watching the videos, really good resource. 


I was wondering what other people do about work flows and script repositories and IDE environment etc?


There doesn't seem to be a 1 thing fits all.

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