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How analyze Clarity information



I Have a question concerning Airwave (8.2.4) and Clarity.


Clarity show a lot of DNS failure on my DNS internal server (see attachments) with error "requests dns failure".


What does it means ? How correct this problem ?



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Re: How analyze Clarity information



You can mouse hover over the top for a quick view on why the failure occurred. Something like the attached.

DNSClarity.png Non-Existent domains are normal as there are likely forwarded requests with or without correct suffixes. Other failures should show and privide an idea of your DNS. This should help you look into your DNS server logs and perhaps perform packet captures on the server or client devices.


Let us know if that helps... 

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Re: How analyze Clarity information



I've just one information (see attachment) "Request Time Out".


But I don't understand the problem. This error means Client do DNS requests but the server is too long to respond ?

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Re: How analyze Clarity information



Yes, there might be an issue on DNS server which is not responding to client request.


Please check on DNS server logs to narrow down the issue.




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