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How is Visual RF ?

How can we successfully load a floor plan on visual RF and get to know if the maps are working fine?

Re: How is Visual RF ?

In VisualRF (AirWave) or VisualRF Planner? In both instances you will need to create a Campus, then a Building then a Floor. Once you have imported the floor plan you will need to scale the building, set your boundaries and origins as well. Once the Floor has been set up, edit the floor and add your planned/deployed AP's. From within the same menu where you have added the AP's you will also be able to choose show heat maps. The below guide covers this all however it is for for v7.2 but the steps are still the same.


VisualRF and VisualRF Plan User Guide AWMS 7.2 - Aruba Networks


Or the latest VisualRF documentation is contained in the AirWave User Guide.

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