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How to remove IAP from Airwave

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Found the answer myself right after I posted here...



Go to Groups and select the Group the Down AP belongs to. Then sroll down to find "Modify Devices". Then from the new Dropdowns shows underneath, select delete selected device.


We have a Airwave virtual Appliance, v We set it up as POC with 2 IAPs.


Now we are moving the stuff into production with a new IAP215s. I disconnected the demo IAPs from network and they are shown as Down on Airwave. But I can not find a place to delete those Down IAPs from Airwave...


Please suggest.




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Re: How to remove IAP from Airwave

Worth noting that if the AP is still up and pointing to AirWave as management, it will reappear due to the org string and iap secret match.

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Re: How to remove IAP from Airwave

How do you remove the Org string from instant when it's managed by airwave?

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