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MAS snmp configuration for Airwave

Hi, I'm trying to set up SNMP on my S3500 Aruba switch, so that it can be monitored by Airwave.

 I tried configuring it on the switch and airwave is unable to poll the device.  The following is a (sanitized) version of my settings on Airwave.  Anyone know how to configure SNMP on the MAS for airwave?


Airwave IP:

Community String: AirWave
Telnet/SSH Username: admin
Telnet/SSH Password: abcd1234
"enable" Password: 3nabl3
SNMPv3 Username: snmp-user
Auth Password: snmp-pass
SNMPv3 Auth Protocol: sha
Privacy Password: amp-snmp-pass
SNMPv3 Privacy Protocol: des

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Re: MAS snmp configuration for Airwave

Here's what I used:


snmp-server view SNMP_VIEW_RO oid-tree 0 included
snmp-server group SNMP_RO_GROUP v3 priv read ALL
snmp-server user "airwave-ro" group SNMP_RO_GROUP v3 auth-prot sha ****** priv-prot des ******


Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
@timcappalli | | ACMX #367 / ACCX #480
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