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Missing AirWave Key

i have taken over the AirWave management from another employee and im trying to add another group to AirWave.



When i get to the Admin page of the new Group its asking for an AirWave Key.


The employee doesnt remember the key so im trying to figure out how i can find the key. By the way, there are two other groups created with the key in them but i cannot see the text of the key.

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Re: Missing AirWave Key



Screen shot which you have shared with Airwave details, will show in IAP's  system>Admin page.


Do you want to add new IAP to Aiwave or create a new group in Airwave, if you want to create a new group , login to Airwave and go to Groups tab and click create new group.




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Re: Missing AirWave Key

the group is created but when i go to Edit for the new group and then to Instant Config then click on the System tab in the left hane column and then click the Admin tab it ask for a AirWave Key. The other groups that are created have text in the key fields.





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Re: Missing AirWave Key

i have fixed the issue. I had to create the group in site which them added it to the aruba management site.

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