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Multiple AirWave monitoring same devices

If we have (2) independent AirWave servers (one will be replacing the other) can we have them both monitoring the same controllers and APs to verify the new server is functioning correctly before decomissioning the old one? The devices will be in monitor only mode on both. I know we can configure SNMP for multiple servers, but not sure about the actual AirWave server under Management.

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Re: Multiple AirWave monitoring same devices



The only thing you would want to do is to monitor the CPU on the devices to make sure you are not polling too often..  A busy device would warrant more attention that a non-so-busy device.

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Re: Multiple AirWave monitoring same devices

Adding a quick tidbit more, if it's Aruba device and you're using AMON, you'd have to set both AirWave servers as AMON receivers.  Likewise for traps.


In the case of Instant, only one AirWave can actively monitor an Instant AP.

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