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PoE time-range problems in Airwave MAS Switch Config

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Our setup:


MAS Switches 2500/3500 running firmware

Interface group IAP-TrunkPorts-Group


 The problem:

I am currently trying to setup a time-range for PoE on our IAP ports-group using airwave. When I set the following options we run into a weird 'mismatch' display before applying the switches:



time range.PNG

Time Range Mode: periodic

Start Day: Daily

Start time: 03:00

End Day: Daily

End time: 23:00




PoE End Day: 12/31/1969 4:00PM <<<

PoE End Time: 23:00

PoE Start day: Daily

PoE Start Time: 03:00


I get similar (wrong start date) information on the Audit when I do Specific start/end days as well. The Start Day entry shows up as <not set> when trying that config.


The question:

Obviously, an end date in the year 1969 is not going to produce the desired results. Is this a bug in airwave, or am I entering the settings incorrectly?




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