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Problem with Airwave (IAP´s stuck at "Verifying" for a long time)

Our Airwave is having this strange behaviour that although a config change is pushed to the IAP´s (i can see it if i ssh into a IAP) the IAP stays in stuck at "Verifying" for a long time. We have upgraded our Airwave to to see if it would help with this problem (and to support the IAP OS version) but the behaviour is the same. We have a "lot" of objects (1500 vc/IAP) but our Airwave has also good specs and i dont see anything bad in the performance tab (lots of cpu/space left and I/O normal). So my question is if someone has had the same behaviour, if so how did you resolve it and also if there is a way (a log/command somewhere) that can help me troubleshoot it?
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