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RA, DA, TA and BSSID all same MAC address

I have a special case, which I cant really understand.


Notebook with Intel 8260ac module. Driverpackage is 18.30


At each association with any Access-Point (initial connection or roaming) I see many frames with following information:

Receiver Address (RA) = Client MAC

Destination Address (DA) = Client MAC

Transmitter Address (TA) = Client MAC

STA adress = Client MAC

BSSID = Client MAC

Type = Data 0x0020

ToDS = 1, FromDS = 0


Frame length: 8 times 210 byte, followed by single 4050 and single 850 byte


Frames are captured on that channel, the clients then connects to. I tested all channels and I can see these frames than on each channel in 2,4 and 5 GHz (ETSI domain). Frames are transmitted right before Authentication/Association with the AP and during 802.1x authentication. 


Any ideas? missbehavior? 


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Re: RA, DA, TA and BSSID all same MAC address

Screen capture of the packet, please.

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