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Tracking a user's connectivity problems

Recently we've had a few cases where users have submitted requests saying that wi-fi is dropping or not working in a certain building (college campus) at a certain time. They are either unable to come to our IT helpdesk or the issue is in a certain area so coming to the helpdesk wouldn't work.


Issue 1: User comes to the gym after work and is unable to connect her phone to the network. She works all day and isn't able to come down to the helpdesk when we're open. She is not around when I am here, so I can't look her up live and in the moment. I'd like to somehow search her username or device to gather information on why she's unable to connect, but I'm not sure where to search for that or what I'm looking for.


Issue 2: User lives on campus and walks from location 1 to location 2 (both in the same building). As they walk between locations their connection is dropping. This is a recent development and my guess is that we recently reduced our AP antenna power levels slightly and now there's some sort of coverage gap, but I'd like to actually see and determine what's going on without guessing. How do I see what is actually happening here?


How would you begin troubleshooting issues like these? We have just installed Airwave and nobody knows how to use it yet :). We also have ClearPass but we aren't experts in it.


I'd really appreciate any input!

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Re: Tracking a user's connectivity problems

Please see "Airwave 8.0 and Aruba Best Practices for 8.0" here:


That will tell you what to configure to get the most visibility out of Airwave, in general.


Please also see the post here:

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Aruba Customer Engineering

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