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[Tutorial] How to Upgrade your Airwave - Offline Upgrade

Hello! in this tutorial i will show you how to upgrade your airwave when:

1-Your server has no internet connection

2-Or when you are like me and prefer doing a offline upgrade( i prefer this because if i do it online something might happen when the airwave is downloading the file) It just personal liking


Anyways lets get started here i ll show you the upgrade from Airwave 7.6.4 to Airwave 7.7.1


This manual assume that your CENT OS is version 6 and not early version

Early versions of Cent OS is not supported in airwave 7.7.1

For more information about that and how to upgrade you can refer here in which Rob explain it!


First you need to download the upgrade package from the support site




After doing that we need to download a program that let us send that upgrade packiage into the airwave server

The program name is WinSCP

Site where you can download it


You download the installtion package and install it...

Really easy to install its next next finish just be careful in installing toolbars :)


Once we got it installed and you open it you will see something like this


winsp login.png


Enter your user and password(NOT the web GUI one) use the one you use to log in by console or ssh


The file protocol will be sftp


Click Login


Now we need to transfer the Upgrade package to the root just like you see here!(you just need to drage the file and drop it on the root  really easy and then click copy!





After we copied the file then we need to log by SSH to the airwave




Execute the commandstart_amp_upgrade -v 7.7.1


Now we will need to wait for a while... at least my server is not the faster server in the world so it took around 10 minutes...


After that you will see this


upgrade finished.PNG


If you get the message of upgrade the kernel well its really explicit just copy and paste the line it says there and you will see this


upgrade kernel.PNG


This will take a while also so dont get scared if it take a while... it was another 10 minutes for my poor server.

After that you need to reboot  executing this command

shutdown -r now


After that we are done


Here is the airwave 7.7.1 :)




Hope it helps anyone.





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Re: [Tutorial]How to upgrade your airwave(Offline upgrade)

Great article.  Here's another step if you're a fan of keeping download files around and in their own place.

# cd /root

# mkdir upgrades

(upload upgrade packages into /root/upgrades/)

# start_amp_upgrade -f /root/upgrades -v 7.7.1


Then if you ever need to clear some disk space, you'll know that all your past upgrade files are in /root/upgrades instead of /root.

Rob Gin
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Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

Re: [Tutorial]How to upgrade your airwave(Offline upgrade)

Excellent i didnt know that!

Great Rob!!!!




Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp

Re: [Tutorial]How to upgrade your airwave(Offline upgrade)

you should also type the command 'screen' before performing the upgrade (if you're doing it remotely).

In case you lose connectivity to the SSH window you can still be logged into the server
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Re: [Tutorial] How to Upgrade your Airwave - Offline Upgrade

Thanks for the guide. Still a valid step-by-step upgrade process for 8.0.9. I love having it to reference :-)

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