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[Tutorial] Migrate/Restoring Airwave Server and transfering files on airwave 8.2.6

Hello everyone

In this tutorial you will learn how to restore an airwave server from a backup and also how to transfer your backup to the new airwave server so you can restore it!


Okay lets get started

The first thing you need to do is having a backup from the old airwave server, which is really easy to get, you can just download it from the System, backup of the old airwave server

backup.PNGAfter you got a valid backup with you what you need to do is installing a new airwave server which is not covered in this tutorial.

So what you do is install a new airwave server like you always do, but what is important is that you put the SAME IP address your old airwave server had.   Otherwise the license wont work.


After you do a fresh install of the  new airwave servera and put it the same IP address and the same name, then we need to restore the backup!


To restore the back we need to upload the file  and for that  you need to download a program like bitvise

 here is the link


To set it up you can read this nice tutorial from esupport


Now back to my tutorial ill cover something that isnt covered in esupport tutorial and is that

1-You need to be sure you not blocking with a firewall between both networks(airwave and your computer)

2-You need to be sure that the firewall of your computer isnt blocking the access to the application when you try to trasnfer the file(or just turn off the firewall of your computer while you transfer the file)

3-You need to share the file or it wont work(this had me thinking for like 10 mins why it didnt work the first time i did it) hopefully reading this you wont waste 10 mins of your time figuring this out

To share is really easy:

     1-Put the file in a folder

     2-rigth button and select propierties



     3-go to share tab and click share

     4-Select everyone of the dropdown menu and add access to read




And thats it.



Now you got your bitvise up and ready to transfer. you need to go to the airwave server and log in.

In the menu, you press option number 1 to transfer


Now you need to put the path like this


cdelarosa= is my username on the bitvise program is the ip address of my machine where the file is

nightly_data001.tar.gz= is the name of the file you want to transfer


After that just hit enter, and put the password you put on your bitvise configuration, and you will see the file transfering


Now that you got the file in the airwave server you can restore the backup


For this, you to the main menu again and hit number 5 of Restore

Then hit 1 of amp restore


Then you select the file you want to restore, in my case it was number 2 which is the file i just transfer to the new airwave server.

After that it will take sometime(you can do this restore from the SSH as i did it like that, it wont disconnect you or anything)  in my case it took around 7 mins  i guess, it will depend on your hardware of your airwave server


restore.PNGHere is the output you will see.

Also take in mind that after is done, you cannot access the Web gui inmediatly.... you need to wait like 5 mins i guess.  I tried accesing it as soon as it finished and i wasnt able... so i wait like 5 mins i think and after that the GUI was accesible, so dont panic if you cannot access it right away.


Hope it helps someone




Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp

Re: [Tutorial] Migrate/Restoring Airwave Server and transfering files on airwave 8.2.6

You can also do the backup / restore action from the 'Enter Commands' menu (option 11).


$ ? amp
amp_version - Version of AirWave
amp_backup - Back up AMP on demand into the CLI user directory
amp_restore <filename>
Restore AMP from a tar.gz filename in the CLI user directory
You can use shell metacharacters in the filename.


So the only change for classic AirWave users is that instead of the restore command being:

  # amp_restore -d /path/to/file.gz  (depricated cmd)

The -d flag doesn't need to be called:

  $ amp_restore file.gz  (8.2.6 cmd)


Give it a try.

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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