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Hotel Connect

Does anyone have experience in configuring hotel connect with the Aruba RAP

I have been told that once configured it can bypass a hotels captive portal ? is this true.
I can't see how it can do this as you would normally have to register on the hotels or the:confused: hotel internet provider captive portal after being given a password or logon id and logging in as normal

could someone maybe explain ?

Many Thanks

Hotel Connect

Hotel Connect works well, however it is not correct to say it 'by
passes' the hotel captive portal. Instead, it offers the ability for the
RAP user to access the Hotel's captive portal.

We facilitate this by bringing up a local WLAN that enables the user to
connect to the RAP and then access the hotel's network as if they were
'plugged in'. The user can then authenticate. Once authentication is
complete, then the RAP will tunnel to the controller and connect as per
normal (e.g. as if at home)

Hope that helps,

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Many thanks

So what I have been told is incorrect you still need to log on to the providers captive portal; and obviously pay the required fee for the privelege!!.
But then once connected you can then use your wi-fi Phone or PDA or PC to make calls video streams etc through your corporate network without incurring further billing charges from the hotel or provider ?
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Re: Hotel Connect

To add to what JF says, for the hotel connect feature to work you create an open or PSK authenticated SSID that is in backup mode on the RAP. Backup mode means that the SSID will only be active if the RAP CANNOT reach the controller (ie, it is blocked by the hotels portal page). The user behind the RAP will connect to the backup SSID (the initial role in the AAA policy should allow svc-dhcp and have an "any any any route src-nat" statement next) and then be able to enter the credentials into the hotels portal through their browser. By authenticating, the portal page will then allow the RAP's MAC/IP combination through and the RAP will be able to talk to the controller. Once the RAP has reached the controller, the backup SSID will go away and the "real" SSIDs take its place.
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Re: Hotel Connect

@JDZZC1 - yes, that is correct.
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Thanks Guy's

Thank you very much for your advice and quick replies I really appreciate it

Thats what I wanted to know I did not think that you could bypass the hotel/provider portal only way I know to do this is to spoof MAC addresses but most providers are aware of that pitfall

Thank you for your quick replies

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Re: Hotel Connect

Colin/Olin - What if the users employed the use of one of the RAPs LAN ports instead of using a backup SSID? How does that change things?

I assume as long as the initial role of the wired ports were configured the same as the backup SSID, it should work as well, correct?
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Rap Wired Port


By default, a RAP5 or a RAP2 that has been provisioned and cannot contact a controller will provide DHCP out of that second port and source-nat the user traffic out the physical ip address of the AP. You can get the Hotel's Captive Portal wired in this manner, as well.
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Hotel connect WAN side

cjoseph / olino,

In the case where the hotel only offers wireless service with a captive portal and does not have an ethernet jack anywhere for a user (in room or common lounge), will hotel connect help in this situation?

Can the RAP be configured to mesh the hotel's WLAN service on the WAN side and still put up the always on SSID for the user to navigate the hotel captive portal, then continue to mesh once the real SSIDs are available and tunnel is up? (a config example on how to set up the WAN-over-hotel-air connection would be appreciated :))

Or is having an ethernet on the WAN side of the RAP a requirement?

If it is a requirement, can something like a Linksys WLAN-to-LAN gaming bridge be used to satisfy the Aruba RAP ethernet side to the WAN requirement?

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Ethernet or Wireless Broadband


For now, having ethernet or wireless Broadband the WAN side is necessary.
Answers and views expressed by me on this forum are my own and not necessarily the position of Aruba Networks or Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
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