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Use of E911 and Cisco CER with a RAP Deployment

we are working on designing a RAP deployment for 1100+ locations and we would like to:

  • have the locations connect via a RAP5 with additional AP's for wireless coverage
  • Have a Voice and Data vlan allocated for east and west of the Mississippi

We would like to use the single vlan for consolidation of IP space and ease of deployment. Along with the fact that the controller will only support 1024 vlan's at the moment.

The issues that we are running into is without a specific subnet per loctation and the loss of CDP when we remove the cisco router how do we allocate a phone per physical address when an E911 call is placed??

Has anyone looked at a deployment like this before?


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Re: Use of E911 and Cisco CER with a RAP Deployment

Has an e911 deployment not been done by anyone in conjuction with an Aruba deployment?
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Documentation about this on the Aruba site is here:

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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