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Any issues with supporting WPA-AES and WPA-TKIP on the same AP?

We won't be able to update our Group Policy that pushes our wireless settings for another year (Due to needing to get a 2008 DC in place or do a schema update) and as a result cannot push WPA2+AES to our users. Is there any issue with enabling WPA+AES and WPA+TKIP on the same AP? Performance, compatibility, etc...?

My thought is to enable WPA+TKIP and WPA+AES on the VAP, then update the GPO to use WPA+AES and then watch the logs from stragglers using WPA+TKIP.

Any feedback would be appreciated!
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You can do this

You can certainly do this. You can also monitor who is using what cipher by using the "show dot1x supplicant-info list-all" command. The other alternative is to use Airwave.

Another user did the schema update in this thread here: and noted that it was straightforward.

Colin Joseph
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