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Machine authentication for iPhone?

Hi all,

i am trying to get machine authentication with iPhone to work. The goal is to distinguish iPhone from laptops.

The machine cert on the iPhone is easily created using the iPhone Configuration Utility (iPCU). It's possible to configure this cert for wireless auth. But to get this working one needs to import the Root CA cert onto the controller as TrustedCA.

This step fails: the root CA cert (generated by the iPCU utility, self-signed and taken out of Windows cert store) cannot be uploaded. The controller throws an error like "basicConstraints flag not set". this is the flag indicating a CA. I can use this cert on my firewall which accepts that but not on the Aruba.

So, has anybody ever get this working? I seems the cert is created incorrectly. Can i convince the controller to accept it anyways? The Apple docs mention device auth so there must be a way to achieve this.

Best regards,
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Re: Machine authentication for iPhone?

Did you ever get this working on the IPhone? We're trying to get device auth working on the IPad.
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