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Amigo POD License

When offering Amigo pod , lets’ assume that I have 2500 user so I will  use  :

AMG-LIC-2500   :  Amigo pod 2500 user expansion pack

The above license is enough , or it is expansion license & the below one is mandatory to exist as well as a base license  :

AMG-LIC-50       : 50 User License Pack

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Re: Amigo POD License

The license SKUs you have shown (AMG-LIC-2500 and AMG-LIC-50) are expansion packs.  You still need either the base SW license or the HW appliance to apply the expansion license to.


For example:

  • AMG-SW-100 (virtual SW w/100 user license)
  • AMG-HW-100 (HW appliance w/100 user license)
  • AMG-HW-2500 (HW appliance w/2500 user license)
  • AMG-HW-Base (HW appliance w/ no user license)
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