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Amigopod authentication against separate database



Has anybody managed to set-up an Amigopod appliance to authenticate guest users against a database residing on a different server?

I need to be able to configure an Amigopod appliance to create guest accounts (via a self-registration page) on to a totally separate Amigopod appliance. The reason being the 2 appliances are located in different areas of the network with restricted access for end users.

From looking through the Database list section it appears you can add another database on a remote server and make this active but has anybody done this and are there any pitfalls??




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Re: Amigopod authentication against separate database

3.9 added the ability to point one Amigopod to another for READ ONLY access.  Checkout Administrator > System Control > Database Config for the option to " You would then go to RADIUS > Database List on the other Amigopod and setup a connection pointing to this one.




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