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Aruba Activate and CPPM

Looking for a little help and hoping that someone on the forums might be able to lend me some of their knowledge.


I am setting up CPPM to authenticate RAPs and using Aruba Activate to populate the Endpoint DB. Most of the configuration is working as expected except assigning the AP Name. In Asset Tracker > Output > Radius Response, two responses are sent back to the controller, Radius:Aruba:Aruba-AP-Group and Radius:Aruba:Aruba-AP-Name.




The Enforcement Profile used for RAP authentication



The Attribute Tab of the RAP



The response from CPPM is correct. On the controller, I see that the RAP is placed in the correct AP-Group but the name is still using the MAC of the RAP instead of the Radius response (Aruba-AP-Name) from CPPM.


Show ap active:

00:0b:86:XX:XX:XX CPPM-RAP 0 AP:HT:11/9/18 0 RAP-3WNP


Debugging aaa and authsvr does not log anything, but debugging user logs “Authentication result=Authentication Successful method=VPN server=CPPM Server Name”

Not sure what is missing. Any ideas?


Re: Aruba Activate and CPPM

Try returning Aruba-Location-ID instead of Aruba-AP-Name.



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Re: Aruba Activate and CPPM

That was it.  Thanks for you help.

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