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Aruba Clearpass guest receipt with sponsor email

Hi Experts ---

Got pushed into a Aruba Clearpass case that moves into over my head at the moment.

The background it this:

- BYOD devices

- The internal Domain credentials shall NOT be used on the devices

- Only Domain members members of a certain group should be able to create BYOD credentials

- BYOD credentials will be used to access 802.1X network.


This works

The domain joined user logs in here: (a customized page)

They log on to the operator page with their Domain username and password and immediately get to a webpage where sponsor name and sponsor email are automatically populated, the user name from ther operator login, and sponsor_email address is retrieved from Active Directory.

So this works. The sponsor_name and sponsor_email are retrieved like this:


array (  'generator' => 'GeneratorFromSession',  'generator_args' =>   array (    0 => 'userauth_user',    1 => 'sponsor_email',  ),)


They register new guest user, and for the receipt page - the sponsor name is populated automatically. But the sponsor_email field is empty.

I also tried using email field as well. That's empty too.


Tried both with or without the string above. But looking av verbose dump in footer - I see that sponsor_email field is passed from the registration, but not output'ed to receipt page ---


I'm running out of ideas here ---- what to do :-S

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Re: Aruba Clearpass guest receipt with sponsor email

what version of cppm are you trying this on?
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Re: Aruba Clearpass guest receipt with sponsor email

brand new - just downloaded. 6.4 something. No patches available

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Re: Aruba Clearpass guest receipt with sponsor email

once again, Aruba TAC displays their excellence.

after fiddling with 1st line for a couple of hour - someone at 3rd line fixed this in 10 minutes


Changed the field Sponsor_Email from static text to text field in the registration page.

no idea why it worked, but it worked ...


Thanks Aruba TAC :)

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