CPPM tips access on Data/External IP



CPPM ver: 6.0.2

Data and Management IPs setup

Virtual Appliance


I was curious if there is anything we can do to prevent users from accessing http(s)://<DNS NAME>/tips from the Data/External Interface IP?


We have two IP's setup one for Management and one for Data/External Port in different VLANs


We have our DNS setup to point the Data/External IP so when a user hits the Captive Portal on the CPPM they use the correct port.

As a guest user they can type in the browser http(s)://<DNS NAME>/tips and they are presented with the login for the CPPM.


Have we misconfigured something that allows this? I would prefer if no one could hit the Management GUI from the Data/External IP.


Do we have to do something inside the User Role for access to the CPPM IP via HTTP vs HTTPS? I noticed when you access /tips it redirects to HTTPS. We would have to send users to the Captive Portal via HTTP only.


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Re: CPPM tips access on Data/External IP

Please put a post into the Ideas portal about restricting what ip addresses can access the management portal of CPPM.

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Re: CPPM tips access on Data/External IP



I submitted a post on the Ideas Portal.

I hope I did it under the correct section.


I hope I am not missing something obivous!


Thank you.

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