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Captive Portal with ldap authentication errors

Hi everyone, I configured a captive portal with ldap authentication, but if the user in ldap is blacked or invalid, the captive portal just return to the main html with Acces Denied in the URL, is there anyway to pop-up the ldap errors instead to return the index html? PS. I use the internal CP, failover authentication (LDAP, Internal) Thanks
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Re: Captive Portal with ldap authentication errors

There is no way that I know of to get this from the Web interface displayed to the end user. 

you could troubleshoot it by turning on logging


I would start here I'm not sure if this would give you all that you need but a good place to start:

#logging level debugging security process authmgr


David Dipert
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Re: Captive Portal with ldap authentication errors

Ddipert is correct.


Since the LDAP server does not supply the Aruba Controller or IAP with that information, we cannot present it to the user.

Colin Joseph
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