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Re: ClearPass 6.7 Releases

Enterprise can be converted to any 6.7 license.

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
@timcappalli | | ACMX #367 / ACCX #480

Re: ClearPass 6.7 Releases

Hello All,


We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of ClearPass 6.7.2. 


The update images have been posted to the support site (Aruba Support site) and the software updates portal.


In addition to bug fixes, this release also includes several new features that our Engineering and QA team have worked tirelessly to include:



  • Connection settings for SMS Global are updated.



  • Support and Enhancements for Numerous updated and new 3rd party OnGuard plugins, please review the Release Notes for details.
  • Users can now configure a maximum timeout value for OnGuard remediation scripts to run.
  • A new attribute in OnGuard Global Agent Settings lets you specify a VPN adapter (device) name and categorize the network interface as a VPN on macOS.
  • ClearPass now supports standalone installations of VIA 3.x and of the OnGuard Agent.


Policy Manager

  • The policy server will now time out if the AD/LDAP source fails to send a response to an authorization query after ten seconds.
  • ClearPass 6.7.2 includes support for a new Post-Auth v2 function to improve performance and scaling for post-authentication events when inter-operating with third-party systems.
  • A new cluster-wide parameter, Content Security Policy (CSP) , is added.  When this parameter is enabled, it helps reduce cross-site scripting (XSS) risks in browsers by declaring which dynamic resources can be loaded via an HTTP Header.
  • ClearPass supports new secured cipher suites using Active Directory as an authentication source.



  • Onboard QuickConnect packages for Windows provisioning are now signed by Aruba.  

This patch also addresses the Shibboleth SAML vulnerability described in ARUBA-PSA-2018-003 for CVE-2018-0489.


As always, please take note of the ‘Changes of Behaviors’ section of the release notes.


The update images have been posted to the support site (Aruba Support site) and the software updates portal.


A big thanks and congratulations to the ClearPass Engineering and QA teams for reaching this milestone & to the TechPubs team for their work on the Release Notes and manuals!


Best regards,

The ClearPass Team

Best Regards

ClearPass Product Manager

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