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Re: ClearPass 6.7 Releases

So what are you using clearpass for in your institution? There are a lot of changes in 6.7 that make rolling out "stuff other than just sending back an Access-Accept"  a lot easier and feature rich. Just depends on your usage


Also there are a batch of security fixes in there.


Also don't forget the change in license model so you don;t have to buy more VMs to increase a cluster license count, but of you're only running a 500 then guess that doesn't matter.


Really does depend on what you're using it for. 


I know you're supposed to use 1TB thick provisoned ... you're only really using 50% of that as the disk has 2 partitions.

Just checked with our systems people,  We started out using thin provisioned .. was a plan to thick provision it but apparently didn;t quite happen. On NetApps using NFS datastore there (possibly) isn't a thick provisioning option.






Re: ClearPass 6.7 Releases

Hello All,


We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of ClearPass 6.7.6 !  In addition to bug fixes, this release also includes several new features that our Engineering and QA team have worked tirelessly to include:


Display IPv6 Address in RADIUS Accounting

  • Adding the ability to display a list of the Framed-IPv6-Addresses in the Network Details section of an Access-Tracker session.


Improved the performance for quicker LDAP lookups

  • For customer with large AD and deep nested groups, this feature speeds up the performance of LDAP queries lookups.


In OnGuard, we’ve introduce a new option to exclude certain drives from disk encryption checks when All Drives is selected.

  • Allows recovery drives on different macOS releases to be excluded easily.


As always, please take note of the ‘Changes of Behaviors’ section of the release notes (


The update images have been posted to the support site (Aruba Support site) and the software updates portal.


A big thanks and congratulations to the ClearPass Engineering and QA teams for reaching this milestone & to the TechPubs team for their work on the Release Notes and manuals!


Best regards,

The ClearPass Team

Best Regards

ClearPass Product Manager

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