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ClearPass - Guest Self-Provisioning Cert Issue

After guests attach to the Guest SSID they are redirected to ClearPass for the employee sponsorship piece.  When the redirection happens the guest is prompted with a cert warning (general warning saying 'click here to proceed (not recommended)'.  When proceeding to the self-registration page it works just fine, however I'm looking for a way to elminate the cert from the equation.  I noticed that the guest is redirected to internal data plane IP of the ClearPass server via HTTPS. Is there a way to redirect to the hostname?  Guests aren't going to our internal IP's and will always get cert errors in the process.  Trying to make this as streamlined as possible. 


Re: ClearPass - Guest Self-Provisioning Cert Issue

You can configure your captive portal profile on the controller to not require HTTPS and also configure CP Guest to do the same.   Alternatively you can install a publically trusted certificate.



aaa authentication captive-portal "<Your-CP-Profile>"


   login-page "http://hostname/guest/guest_page.php"


ClearPass Guest:

Configuration --> Authentication







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Re: ClearPass - Guest Self-Provisioning Cert Issue

You are amazing.  Works like a champ.  THANK YOU for the quick response!!

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