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ClearPass Guest redirect webpage issue to HTTPS sites

We have it when a user connects to guest then opens a web browser and our Acceptance policy window pops up. We have found that if the user's home page or tries to browser to they do not get the acceptance page. But if the user goes to, then the acceptance page displays. I found the only difference between and, is that Google automactically redirects to HTTPS and CNN does not. Is there anyway to change this so it works with HTTP and HTTPS?

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Re: ClearPass Guest redirect webpage issue to HTTPS sites

They should receive a certificate error for HTTPS sites. This is normal and the browser is doing exactly what it is supposed to. On most modern versions of the various opertaing systems, a captive portal state should kick in which prompts either the default browser or a special mini browser to appear and it will attemp to connect to an HTTP-only site to trigger redirection.

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